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26 June 1996

Princess Alexandra: A Little Story

Princess Alexandra lived in a small cottage on the south side of her father's castle. Actually she lived just outside the exterior wall, but on the in side of the moat. In fact King Drezdus was not really her father at all -- which probably means that she wasn't a princess either. And perhaps this is the reason she lived outside of the castle wall. Though it must have been an inconvenience for her as the drawbridge was on the North side of the castle.

"I get more sun and less noise here," she told the milkman, though he thought shade would be preferable to keep the milk from spoiling.

"I get more water and less dust here," she told the baker, though he never thought that green bread would sell very well.

"I get more letters and less visitors," she told the mailman, and he thought himself pretty clever for having reduced the size of the LOST MAIL pile, effectively doubling his income.

Every morning Princess Alexandra climbed the castle wall three minutes before the sun rose to get a better view. Though invariably the guard from the West tower found his way over there just as she was trying to find the most comfortable stone to sit on. She normally would not have listened to him when he told her that she had to get off, but each time at just that moment his armor began to glow with such a brilliancy that she could only bow her head and climb back down.

And thus it was that after fourteen years Princess Alexandra had not once been able to watch the sun rise on her Father's kingdom. Which is a good thing, as she would probably have been so excited in seeing it that she would have forgotten where she was and lost her balance. In which case her chances would have been at least fifty in one hundred that she fall out of the castle, which would have meant that she would not be found again until well after noon when the postman arrived.

Thus Princess Alexandra managed to live from day to day due solely to the meticulousness of a young guard from the West tower who had fortunately been trained to shine his armor at least seven minutes before the break of day.

And thus it was also that this same young guard of the West tower one morning noticed an unusual darkness against the rising sun, and happened to mention it to the royal page over a game of chess, thus saving the lives of King Drezdus and his caste, though at the time he never would have even imagined that it was a small flock of dragons.

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